vampire-mansionVampire Mansion

Taken from her home in the dead of night, Christina finds herself in an unfamiliar, large building. Surrounded by male vampires, she must either find a way out, or stay and find out what they really want. What she thinks is going on, isn’t.

316093886The Clock Tower

There was always something fascinating about the clock tower. Riley found herself constantly entranced by it and the bird that lived there. One day, girls started to go missing, only to appear later atop the clock tower, drained of blood. Riley’s best friend Cara goes missing and she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Cara doesn’t meet the same fate. Even if that means braving the clock tower.

blood-moonBlood Moon

With their home no longer safe, werewolves attacking in the dead of night, the vampires are attempting to relocate on the night they’re at their strongest. The night of the blood moon. The werewolves are determined to get rid of them and claim the territory for their own. With the vampires outside and spread out, they strike. Who will win in this battle of natural enemies, the vampires, or the werewolves?

bloody-maryBloody Mary

Tanya stayed in with her girl friends in on Halloween night, who didn’t want to go trick-or-treating. They all think it’s a harmless ghost story, but things go awry when they say her name. Bloody Mary.

School After Dark

Ten friends break into the school on Halloween night for a party of their own. All they wanted to do was drink and tell a ghost story about the school, as it turns out, that story was real. Ghosts are roaming the school and they’re out for blood.

Can anyone survive the night?

For Her Hand: A Novelette

Alexa is the sole heir to King Richard and Queen Thea of Terrakin, and as per tradition, she must find her future fiancĂ© through a battle royal fighting competition. Alexa has successfully defeated those who pursued her for the past five years, but this year, her parents are stepping up the game. They’ve gone all out in gathering strong, magically adept suitors and even doubled the number of contestants.

Not wanting to be stuck in a loveless marriage, Alexa is determined to continue defeating everyone, but a few nefarious people have weaselled their way into the competition. They will crush anyone who gets in their way and do anything to bring Alexa to their leader.

How will she deal with the uninvited suitors? Will anyone be able to best this magical powerhouse? And who is the man that keeps popping up to assist her during the competition?

Forever Young – A Short Story Series: Story 1: Another Beginning

Rean and his older brother Sid move to a new town every few years to hide the fact that their vampires. Along with a new town, comes a new school and immediately a girl catches Rean’s eye. Despite his usual disinterest in those around him, he finds himself pursuing her and Sid can’t wait to give him the opportunity to pounce.

At Sid’s party, Rean finds out there’s a darkness in their new hometown and the girl he’s interested in, seems to be involved.

Forever Young – A Short Story Series: Story 2: First Date

Finding his attraction to Alice to be unusually strong, Rean wastes no time in asking her out on a date. And where does she want to go? The amusement park. Definitely not somewhere he pictured her wanting to go, but the location doesn’t matter to him.

In truth, Alice has other plans; something’s been going on at the amusement park and a date’s the perfect cover for checking out potential vampire hunting grounds.

Forever Young – A Short Story Series: Story 3: A Shadow of the Truth

Wanting to get closer to Alice, Rean finds a place for them to use as a home base for planning their demon hunts, but the allure of his library at home is too strong for Alice to ignore. Reluctantly, Rean brings her to his home, where Alice officially meets his older brother, Sid, who loves to cause trouble.

What trouble will Sid cause with Alice? And what is the truth regarding her dark past?

lamp - 09The Djinn

Fraternal twins Brook and Patrick inherited a house from their grandmother when she passed. With the mansion being near their college of choice, they decided to move in.

In their grandmother’s bedroom, they found a golden lamp. Unable to fight the urge, and despite Brook’s protest, Patrick rubbed the lamp and a beautiful djinn appeared. She recognized him as her master and without thinking he wished for her to be his girlfriend.

Initially, he’s elated, but jealousy quickly rears its ugly head. She is determined to be the only woman in his life and is willing to use her magical powers to get rid of all the women in his life – even Brook.

Will Brook be able to survive the psychological and physical torture and stop the evil djinn from murdering the women who know Patrick?

The Record

Clifford’s family died in a house fire one year ago, and since then he’s been frequenting a local clinic to see therapist Sarah Gilbert.

Desperate to be able to sleep at night without being awoken by nightmares, he pleads with her for help. As he has seen other clients with them, he asks for sound therapy in form of the records she keeps in her office.

For the first time in a long time, Clifford is able to drift off to sleep with the help of the record. It doesn’t last long though, as he is awoken in the middle of the night paralyzed and staring into the eyes of something not of this world.

What is lingering over Clifford and what does it want? What does it have to do with the record? And is it linked to doctor Gilbert?