New Release: November 10, 2020 – TAS 33

It’s time for another episode of Teenaged Anti-socialite! A new school year has started and while Kara has a couple of classes with Oliver – starting and ending her day with him – she has even more with Trevor. Instantly, she knows this could mean trouble and she needs to talk with Oliver about it. But Trevor’s the least of her worries, his little brother, Shawn, is up to no good!

Teenaged Anti-Socialite: A Short Story Series – Story 33: New Semester

It’s time for the new school year, new classes and rearranged classmates. Oliver’s eager for the new year, until he finds out he only has two classes with Kara. Kara already didn’t want classes to start again, but things are made worse when she keeps running into Trevor.

Kara considers Trevor to be a friend, but can’t help but be weary knowing his feelings for her. Seeing him so much every day is going to be tough.

Trevor isn’t the only man she’s bumping into a lot – his little brother seems to still have his eyes on her.

How will Kara deal with this start of a new school year? What will Oliver do when he finds out about Trevor? What’s Trevor’s little brother, Shawn, have in store for Kara?

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