New Release: June 02, 2020

The story continues! It’s summer vacation and Oliver’s working overtime every day he can, only seeing Kara in the time before he passes out at night.  One day, he shows up so exhausted he ends up bedridden with a fever. Not able to stand it, Kara goes to the source of the issue – his boss – to fix things.

Teenaged Anti-Socialite: A Short Story Series – Story 31: Overworked

Oliver’s been working overtime at his father’s company. After work, he goes to Kara’s to spend at least a tiny bit of time with her but always ends up passing out early.

One day, Oliver shows up at her house worse for wear, exhausted and with a fever. Upset about his condition, Kara goes to the source of his fatigue – Oliver’s father – while someone else nurses him back to health.

Why is Oliver being so overworked? Who is nursing him? And what can Kara do to remedy the situation?

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