The Djinn – Story Preview

A preview of the story: The Djinn


Chapter 1


“Can you believe granny left us this house and everything in it?” Patrick asked as he stood outside of a mansion with his twin sister, Brook. Their grandmother had two kids and four grandkids, but the majority of her assets went to the twins.

Brook looked at the shutters flapping around in the wind and the broken windows. Roof tiles littered the lawn along with a few smashed gnomes. “Are you kidding? This place feels haunted.”

Thunder cracked in the distance.

“Na, that’s just the bad weather messing with you. If we fix it up and you get to see it on a clear day, you’ll fall in love with it.”

“You know how much time and money it’ll cost to fix up a place like this?! It probably has electrical wiring issues and with the size of this place, who knows what else is wrong with it. It might have rodents and other wild animals wandering around inside.”

“Think long term, sis; this place has amazing potential. Once it’s done, we can have our own college parties here.”

“And have them trash the place, ruining all the work we had done?”

“Ah ha… We’ll keep them confined to one room.”

“Right, because it’s easy to control a mass of drunken young adults,” Brook rolled her eyes.

“Come on; don’t get too caught up on the minor details.”

“Someone has to since you only like big pictures.”

“Whatever, you just love to stomp on all my ideas,” Patrick huffed.

“Where do you plan to get the money to fix it up?” He glanced at her and smiled. “What? No! We are not using our inheritance to fix it!”

“Don’t you want to keep her house in the family?”

“We need that money to live!”

“And we’ll live here. Fine, what if I get a part-time job to help with our expenses? Will that be enough to sway you?”

“You think you can get a job and keep it?”

He scratched the back of his head, laughing. “Of course I can. I know some people, so I’m sure I’ll be able to.”

“I have a feeling this is a big mistake,” she closed her eyes and pressed down on the bridge of her nose.

“Wait, are you agreeing?”

“Ugh. I… guess…”

“Yes! Thank you! You won’t be sorry,” he picked her up in a bear hug and swung her around, causing her chestnut brown hair to get ruffled.

“Ack, put me down you big lug.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he set her down and pumped his fists into the air as he danced in circles. “This is going to be awesome!”

“We’ll see about that…” Brook approached the house with the large rusted key in-hand. The key turned halfway and stopped. “Stupid thing,” she jiggled the key around and the door swung open, ripping away from her hand. “Um, I didn’t do that…”

“The house is welcoming us! Let’s go,” Patrick strutted past her.

“Right… Nothing wrong with a house inviting us in…” She grabbed the key from the door and followed Patrick in. He headed straight for the living room, flicking on every light he could find.

“A little dusty and out of style, but at least the electricity still works. It’s so spacious; this is awesome. I can see it already; a big comfy couch; a huge TV and a dance floor,” he bounced around. “Oh, if we want to check for valuables, we should probably check the bedrooms first,” he zoomed upstairs.

Brook sighed and touched the white leather couch. A tingling sensation ran up her back, and she could feel a presence behind her. She quickly turned around. No one was there. With an unsettling pit in her stomach, she rushed upstairs to catch up with her brother in the dusty, near-barren master bedroom. “Pat, doesn’t this place feel… off.”

“What are you talking about? This place is awesome beyond belief! Look what I found,” he held up a golden lamp with symbols engraved all over it. “Think genies are real?”

Ominous energy surrounded the lamp. “I think it’s best if you don’t touch that.”

“If it’s a real genie, we could wish for money, chicks and whatever you want.”

“Oh gee, thanks,” she rolled her eyes. “But seriously, I don’t think you should mess with dark magic.”

He turned to her with a raised eyebrow. “Since when do you believe in dark magic and the supernatural?”

“Since this house is creepin’ the hell outta me!” The uneasy atmosphere engulfed the whole house. Every creak from the wind drew her attention and she couldn’t help but look over her shoulder to make sure nothing was following her.

“Odd, you’ve never been this much of a scaredy-cat. How about I show you this doesn’t work and ease your mind?”

“What? No!”

He rubbed the lamp. An orange glow surrounded the lamp and purple smoke erupted from the tip. “What the hell?!” Patrick jumped back, dropping the lamp.

“Aw, you dropped my house,” a woman with tanned skin and red markings on her face, appeared. Her intricately patterned dark purple and gold garments rustled around as she picked up the lamp. She pushed her long black hair over her shoulder, dusted off the lamp and placed it carefully on the side table.

“Uh… Hi?” Patrick reached a shaking hand out and poked her shoulder, checking if she was real.

“Hello, master, I am the djinn of this lamp,” she bowed, keeping her glowing amber eyes on him.

“Master? Djinn? What’s a djinn?”

“Yes, a djinn; an all-powerful being here to serve a master. You are my master. You are the one who summoned me from my lamp, right?”

“Y-yeah, I am… Um… what should I call you?”

“Well, you probably wouldn’t be able to pronounce my original name, so you can either come up with a new name or use the one my last master gave me.”

Pat mumbled incoherently.

“What was the name your last master gave you?” Brook asked.

The djinn turned to her with narrowed eyes and a smile, “Elena.”

“Hello, Elena, I’m Brook and this is my brother Patrick,” she held her hand out to her.

Elena glanced at her extended hand and turned back to him. “Patrick,” she whispered his name slowly, staring deep into his widened eyes.

“Y-yeah, that’s me,” he pointed at himself.

“What is your wish, master?”


“Yes, what is it you desire?”

“Be my girlfriend,” he mumbled, barely thinking.

“Patrick! What the hell are you thinking?” Brook yelled at him. Not only did he let his thoughts slip out, but he didn’t bother to question her about a price.

“As you wish, master,” she grabbed his head with both hands and kissed him on the lips. A white light surrounded her. The markings on her face vanished and her clothes transformed to become a baby-doll tee and skinny jeans. She held her hand out and a full-body mirror appeared. “Hmm… This is the type of girl you like?” she admired her clothes and played with her hair. “I guess you already liked my looks then.” She smiled.

“So pretty,” he mumbled.

Brook face-palmed, unable to fathom her brother’s continued stupidity. “Now what do we do?”

Elena glanced at her. “If he has me, then he does not need another girl.”

“I’m his sister, remember?” she held her hands up in defence. Elena’s eyes narrowed as she thought about it. “Besides, you can’t go around offing every woman who interacts with Patrick.”

Her eyes glowed and she held her hand up.

“S-stop,” Patrick stuttered and stood between them. “Please don’t hurt anyone, especially not her.”

“Hmm… Okay, for now,” she hummed, tilting her head to the side, losing interest. “This place is too drab and dusty for me. Nothing like it used to be long ago.”

“Don’t worry; Brook and I are going to fix this place up nice,” he rolled up his sleeve and gave her a thumbs up.

Snap. The entire room changed. All the dust vanished. The furniture was brand new and modern, unlike the 70’s furniture that was there beforehand. Even the broken shudders were fixed. “You do not need to sully your precious hands with manual labour, master,” she laced her fingers through his and pulled him close.

“Uh, you’re my girlfriend, right?”

“Yes, as you wished.”

“Then, can you not call me ‘master’? It’s not appropriate,” he cringed, thinking about what other people would think when they heard her.

“Okay, as you wish,” she leaned in close and whispered his name. “Patrick.”

His head spun and face burned. “Y-yeah, that’s my name; don’t wear it out,” he laughed.

“I guess we should officially move in now,” Brook mumbled, wanting to get away from the unwanted visual in front of her.

“Where is your luggage?” Elena asked, stroking his cheek slowly.

“It’s at home still because we wanted to check the place out before moving in. And if it wasn’t live-in ready, we were going to rent a place nearby.”

Elena didn’t give Brook so much of a glance. Instead, she kissed Patrick again. “I see where it is.” She snapped her fingers and their bags appeared in the entryway along with a pile of stuffed animals, a laptop, video games and consoles.

“Um, what the hell?”

“Those are what I saw in his mind as your luggage; is it not right?”

“We weren’t bringing all of that here; just the duffle bags are enough for now.”

“Ugh, fine,” she snapped her fingers again and everything other than the bags vanished.

“Um, that didn’t use a wish, right?” Pat finally spoke again. “Wait, how many wishes do I get?”

“No, honey, I did this of my own free will,” she giggled, a genuine smile crossing her face. “And…” she thought for a moment. “You get as many wishes as you want. If it’s within my power, it shall be yours.”

Brook watched their interaction with interest. “Is this the first time anyone has wished for you?”

Elena paused for a moment, flustered. “If you must know, yes, it is. In my thousands of years and hundreds of wishes, no one has ever asked for me to be theirs as a woman. They only wanted riches, fame and women, but not me.”


Continued in The Djinn

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