New Short Story Release: March 25, 2020

First off, I hope everyone is staying safe at home as much as possible during this pandemic! We’re all in this together.

Now, for my short story series Teenaged Anti-Socialite, to continue. (Can’t seem to stop writing this one; I love it too much!)

This time Kara finally stops running away at the drop of a hat and makes a decision that may change her relationship with Oliver.

Teenaged Anti-Socialite: A Short Story Series – Story 30: No More Running

Their vacation at the beach house is reaching the end, which means Kara, Oliver and the others all have to attend the Bowen Family reunion.

Oliver’s uncle is in charge this year, and he’s decided to change it up. Instead of a dinner, there’s a masquerade and instead of it being family and their guests, he’s invited a slew of other people in the area.

While trying to find Oliver in the crowd of masked people, Kara is approached by someone who thinks he knows her quite well.

How far is this fellow going to push? How will Oliver react when he finds these two being too close for comfort? And what is Kara surprised she wants to do?

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