New Release: January 08, 2020

Been working on the next story in Teenaged Anti-Socialite and another short story for a while (almost done on the other one), and I’ve finally finished another episode in my favourite series.

This time, Kara and Oliver’s summer vacation continues, an easily misinterpreted event happens that sends Kara running again. Oliver notices too late and ends up in trouble of his own as he runs off to find her.

Teenaged Anti-Socialite: A Short Story Series – Story 29: Be Careful

Still on summer break, Aaron decides he wants a swimming race with Oliver. But what good is a competition without a prize? Aaron decides the prize himself and makes it so Oliver won’t want to chance losing.

A girl from the past interrupts them before the match, but Oliver didn’t notice Kara take off before the race even started. Running out to find her, Oliver ends up in a bit of trouble himself.

Who will find Oliver? Will he and Kara reconcile or is this it for their relationship? Where did Oliver find himself?

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