New Short Story Release – October 29, 2019

I’ve finally finished another story in my Teenage Anti-Socialite series! This one took even longer than the last, but it has also turned out longer than normal. Too much banter I suppose, but I love it nonetheless.

This episode contains an important step for Kara to move forward in her life as someone from their past appeared back in her life while she’s on vacation with Oliver and his family.

Teenaged Anti-Socialite: A Short Story Series – Story 28: Please Forgive Me

With summer break started, Kara is ready to relax and get in some well-deserved gaming time. Oliver pops up with an offer of a getaway to his families beach house for a week. Regardless of her answer, he’s required to go as that’s his yearly family reunion.

Although a bit reluctant to be away from her family for long, Kara agrees to go. Little does she know there’s a familiar, unwelcomed face waiting for her at the beach.

Who will they meet up with at the beach? Why is Kara so stunned to see them? How will they deal with the situation?


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