New Short Story Release – August 14, 2019

I’ve finally finished another story in my Teenage Anti-Socialite series! Feels like it’s been quite a while… actually, it has been. I’ve been debating on it I should try to find an ending for this story, but I love it so much it makes it hard to stop. I’d rather it naturally fall into an ending, rather than have to search for one, but it has the potential to keep going.

It’s that time of the year; exams are about to start and everyone’s worried about their grades, including Kara. Her grades in certain classes have slipped a bit and she’s not the only one who’s noticed.

Her dad knows how well she does in school and the only difference this year, is Oliver, and he doesn’t want her getting too distracted, so he brings the situation to light. With their relationship on the line, Kara and Oliver will work together to get her grades back where they should be. But, of course, things won’t go smoothly.


Teenaged Anti-Socialite: A Short Story Series – Story 27: Distraction 

It’s almost time for exams and Kara’s dad has concerns about her slight drop in grades. She’s always done consistently well and the only difference in her life is Oliver’s presence. Fearing it would continue in a trend – and wanting her to have as many options as possible after high school – he talks to her and Oliver about her grades and how he thinks Oliver is a bad distraction.

Not wanting to be a bad influence on Kara, and hoping to change her father’s opinion, he offers to tutor her. Though she’s reluctant at first, she accepts help, but that’s when things go awry.

What goes wrong? Will Kara bring her grades up enough to satisfy her father? What will happen to her relationship with Oliver if she fails?


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