Why a Short Story Series?

It’s obvious if you see my book list that I like to write short stories. My favourite to write being my short story series Teenaged Anti-Socialite. Someone approached me saying ‘Aren’t they just chapters?’ (in a quite negative and not so polite way). That’s definitely not the case though.

Chapters are just divisions in books; some are for a change of location, time or point of view or even to control the pacing of the story. I’ve seen a chapter be less than a page and was only for a characters thought, but I’ve also seen chapters that were longer than 10k words (approx. 20 to 40 pages depending on spacing).

A short story on the other hand, is a full story containing a beginning, middle; a main character, setting, plot, theme and conflict. These are in the 1k to 7.5k word range (some give it a larger range, but 7.5k can classify it as a novelette).

A short story series is a collection of short stories that often follow a sequence and with an overarching narrative connecting them all. I see the short stories in a series as a bit like episodes in a sitcom and in that way, Teenaged Anti-Socialite follows the lives of Kara and Oliver through their high school drama with each installment being a complete story. Even if I attempted to fit the series into a novel at its current length, it’d end up being over 130k word book – a bit long for a YA romance novel (and the series isn’t done yet).

I don’t actually have a specific number of installments in mind; I’m just following the story as it progresses and it has gone on longer than I would have expected. I guess I love these characters so much that it keeps the story going and kindle unlimited is the perfect place for a serialization as such.

What do you think of short story series?

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