New Release: April 10, 2019

Despite some negative words (about a different story) I have continued writing and it’s time for a new release in this series I love so much.

Someone from Kara’s past shows up and she can’t believe who it is. Their reappearance shakes her to the core and Oliver can’t help but pry. Problem is, he might not like what he finds out.

Teenaged Anti-Socialite: A Short Story Series – Story 25: Blast from the Past

While Kara’s having a study date with Oliver at his house, his little sister invites a boy over and he doesn’t come alone; he brings his older sister who used to go to school with them. Unable to process the emotions she brings up from the past, Kara makes a swift exit.

Who is this girl to Kara? What will Oliver find out about their past that shakes him to the core? And how will Kara handle the situation moving forward?

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