New Release: Nov. 22, 2018

It’s time for another story to be added to the series! This time, Kara does everything to distract herself from the situation at hand. Oliver’s coming back soon and the truth behind the photos will be revealed!

teenaged anti-socialite - part 23Teenaged Anti-Socialite – A Short Story Series: Story 23: Afraid this Time

It’s hard to believe in someone when there’s photo evidence against them. and everyone except Kara believes in Oliver. She’s been tormented by the unknown and yet she’s afraid to know the truth. It’s taking a toll on her mentally and physically. And with Oliver coming back soon, Kara’s going to have to face the truth.

What’s the real explanation behind the photos? What will Oliver do when Kara refuses to talk with him? One way or another, everything with come to light.

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