October – Halloween Short Stories Sale

In the spirit of Halloween in October, I have decided to run a few sales and release a new paranormal romance short story series near the end of the month.


October 1 – 5: Bloody Mary
Tanya stayed in with her girl friends in on Halloween night, who didn’t want to go trick-or-treating. They all think it’s a harmless ghost story, but things go awry when they say her name. Bloody Mary.






October 8 – 12: The Clock Tower
There was always something fascinating about the clock tower. Riley found herself constantly entranced by it and the bird that lived there. One day, girls started to go missing, only to appear later atop the clock tower, drained of blood. Riley’s best friend Cara goes missing and she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Cara doesn’t meet the same fate. Even if that means braving the clock tower.



School After Dark

October 15 – 19: School After Dark
Ten friends break into the school on Halloween night for a party of their own. All they wanted to do was drink and tell a ghost story about the school, as it turns out, that story was real. Ghosts are roaming the school and they’re out for blood.

Can anyone survive the night?





October 22 – 26: Blood Moon
With their home no longer safe, werewolves attacking in the dead of night, the vampires are attempting to relocate on the night they’re at their strongest. The night of the blood moon. The werewolves are determined to get rid of them and claim the territory for their own. With the vampires outside and spread out, they strike. Who will win in this battle of natural enemies, the vampires, or the werewolves?



October 29: New Release: Forever Young – A Short Story Series: Story 1: Another Beginning
Rean and his older brother Sid move to a new town every few years to hide the fact that their vampires. Along with a new town, comes a new school and immediately a girl catches Rean’s eye. Despite his usual disinterest in those around him, he finds himself pursuing her and Sid can’t wait to give him the opportunity to pounce.

At Sid’s party, Rean finds out there’s a darkness in their new hometown and the girl he’s interested in, seems to be involved.

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