New Release September 03, 2018

It’s that time again; time for the next installment in my short story series! I think I might love this series too much…

Teenaged Anti-Socialite: A Short Story Series – Story 21: Limits

Kara wants to be intimate with Oliver, but her own self-loathing is standing in her way. Trying to help Kara, Amy invites her to exercise with her, but Kara wants to keep it a secret from Oliver. Despite feeling alone, Oliver accepts her time spent with Amy until things go awry. Kara nearly passes out at school, and ends up facing more of Oliver’s past.

With Kara pushing herself to exhaustion, Oliver refuses stand idly by and he’s going to get answers, one way or another.

Who does Kara meet from Oliver’s past? What is Oliver willing to do, to get to the bottom of things?

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