New Release June 29, 2018

teenaged anti-socialite - part 19The next story in the series is out, and it turned out a bit longer than usual; actually long enough to be a novelette. I couldn’t help it though, the story was itching to be a bit longer as it followed the characters along.

Teenaged Anti-Socialite: A Short Story Series – Story 19: Weekend Away

Oliver is hoping to bring his high school romance with Kara to the next level, and with his birthday and Valentine’s Day around the corner, he’s eager to make use of the special days. Luckily for him, Amy handed him his opportunity as a gift; a trip to a cabin along with her and Elijah.

With their alone time, Kara’s insecurities come to light and she has to decide if she’ll allow Oliver to get closer or if she’ll keep the wall where it is. One thing is for certain, both Kara and Oliver will see a side of each other they haven’t seen before.

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